July 2024

9 aM – 3 PM

1st–8th Grade

Program Overview

Taking inspiration from both Denali Discovery Camp and Wild Wonders (offered by the Northern Susitna Institute in the past), Talkeetna Discovery Camp aims to inspire awe and exploration in young people. Through hikes, science, art, and just plain fun, campers will be immersed in the natural world, exploring with their peers and fostering respect and love for their surroundings.

2024 Camp Dates:
July 8 – 12th, 1st/2nd Grade
July 15 – 19th, 3rd/4th Grade
July 29 – August 2nd, 5th/6th Grade
August 5 – 9th, 7th/8th Grade

Registration opens March 4th!


Hired from our local community and beyond, our instructors know their stuff! All staff have experience working with youth, have a minimum of First Aid/CPR certifications, have a love of the outdoors, and know that learning should be fun! We have a minimum ratio of 5:1 students to staff. Younger groups may also have a high school-aged Instructor-in-Training in addition to their two Instructors.

General Information

Talkeetna Discovery Camp happens at the Denali Education Center’s Talkeetna Campus unless otherwise noted in camper material. All camp activities take place in and around the local Talkeetna community; there are currently no overnight options available.

While vaccines are not required, COVID testing may be required using kits supplied by the DEC. Mask requirements will mirror current CDC recommendations.  If a camper needs to be removed for a health-related reason, DEC will work closely with the guardian to ensure the camper’s safety and privacy.

For further information, please contact Shannon Conway at youth@denali.org.

Camper Groups

Boreal Scouts (entering 1st-2nd grade in Fall 2024):

Boreal Scouts will focus on the wildlife in the Talkeetna area. From bugs to beavers to bears, the Boreal Scouts will cover it all while hiking local trails and exploring all that the woods and rivers have to offer.

  • Tuition: $250
  • Students entering 1st & 2nd grade
  • July 8 – 12th
  • Monday – Friday 9am – 3pm

The Bedrock Detectives will learn all about why Alaska rocks: from glaciers to earthquakes to the soil under our feet. Bedrock Detectives will make models, explore the geologic wonders in their backyards, and spend quality time with (and maybe in) the dirt and mud.

  • Tuition: $250
  • Students entering 3rd & 4th grade
  • July 15 – 19th
  • Monday – Friday 9am – 3pm

The Susitna Explorers will do just that – explore the Susitna and learn about how water shapes Alaska. From learning about watersheds to spending time on the rivers and lakes, the Susitna Explorers will be filled with water knowledge.

  • Tuition: $250
  • Students entering 5th & 6th grade
  • July 29 – August 2nd
  • Monday – Friday 9am – 3pm

Wildlife, rocks, and water all move around the state, but what about the people? The Mountain Voyagers will learn about how humans move themselves around the Last Frontier. Dog sleds, bush planes, and water vessels will all be part of the Mountain Voyager’s week.

  • Tuition: $250
  • Students entering 7th & 8th grade
  • August 5 – 9th
  • Monday – Friday 9am -3pm
  • Paid Position
  • Students entering 9th-12th grade
    • Minimum age 14
  • Assigned to one of the camper groups for the week to shadow and assist the lead instructors
  • Job Description