Take a Journey through Denali’s Natural History

What are “Rock Rabbits?” Ever wonder how and if amphibians live in the subarctic? Learn about the ecology and varied inhabitants of Denali’s unique subarctic environment by reading these Natural History Notes, compiled by Denali naturalist Nan Eagleson.

Arctic Fox

Alopax lagopus has a wide distribution, a testament to its superb adaptation to cold and the wide variety of food it will eat.

Arctic Grayling: Sailfish Of The North

Alaska’s wilderness aristocrat.

Black Bear Hibernation

Among hibernators, black bears have an extremely good survival rate.

Boreal Owls

Alaska’s smallest owl.


At least 78 species flit around the Alaska countryside.


Caribou typify “the spirit of the north.”


Learn about these amazingly adaptable canines.

Dall Sheep

Learn more about the world’s only wild, white sheep.


There are more bald eagles in Alaska than in all the other 49 states combined.


Only two conifers exist across much of the subarctic – the hardy White and Black Spruce.

First People Of The Arctic

Learn about the various people of the Arctic from 30,000 years ago to the 21st century.

Frozen Frogs

Frozen Frogs?!

Golden Eagles

One of the largest and most powerful birds of prey in the world.

Great Horned Owls

Claiming the most widespread range of all North American owls.

Insects In Winter

Winter presents many challenges, but for insects these challenges are particularly unique.


Hunters of the northern forest.


Alaska’s whistler.


This member of the weasel family originated in the Old World, but is now found around the globe.

Moose Control

Managing natural populations…

Moose In Winter

The usual challenges of cold temps, deep snow and sparse food are compounded for moose when combined with human travails.

Mountain Sheep

Few animals are as well adapted to extremes of elevation and temperature as North America’s magnificent wild sheep.

Movement Of Global Proportions Begins

Alaska is a crossroads for bird migration.


Ondatra zibethica are large rodents of the Alaskan waterways.

Northern Flying Squirrels

Fairly common, yet rarely seen night time visitors.

Peregrine falcon

The Peregrine Falcon is on the comeback trail.


Discover the fascinating world of these “Rock Rabbits”.

Pond Dwellers

The wood frog is the only amphibian that lives north of the Arctic Circle.


Alaska’s second largest rodent.


Raven romance is in the air!

Red Fox

Vulpes vulpes occur throughout most of Alaska.

Sandhill Cranes

Long-legged and long-necked, cranes are among the tallest birds in the world.


The smallest four-legged predators on the tundra may be shrews, but they are by no means the most timid!

Snowshoe Hare

Hares are a vital link in the food chain.

Snowy Owls

These beautiful owls breed on arctic tundras throughout the world.

Spruce Grouse

“Spruce chickens” don’t taste like chicken!

Tundra Mice

Learn the truth about lemmings, also known as tundra mice.


The last remnants of this wilderness animal still thrive in Alaska.