Educational Programming in Talkeetna

With a robust year-round programming schedule, and a vested interest in supporting the Talkeetna Community, the Denali Education Center looks to the future of outdoor education in the Upper Susitna Valley.

About the Talkeetna Campus

Northern Susitna Institute’s retiring board president Jim Graupmann stated, “The board members of NSI worked diligently to find a partner that will serve the communities of the Northern Susitna Valley. We have found that partner in the Denali Education Center. We have looked closely at their mission statement and their values and we trust that they will continue serving our communities in a similar, but more financially secure, fashion. The board members of NSI thank the community members, donors, and volunteers who have supported us through these many years and we hope that you will extend your support to Denali Education Center.”

According to Jodi Rodwell, executive director of Denali Education Center, “We intend to take the next year to develop a plan for youth and community outreach programming on our Talkeetna Campus. We are thrilled for this merger, and the trust placed in us by the former NSI board, as we have always felt that the Talkeetna community is an extension of Denali, a sister gateway community to the Park. Our partnership with the National Park Service is sure to grow and our mission of connecting people to Denali will flourish in the Talkeetna community. We have a lot to learn about Talkeetna and the Northern Susitna Valley and we can’t wait to dive in!”