June – August 2024



Denali National Park

Program Overview

Denali Field Camp (DFC) is an immersive program for Alaskan teens and young adults excited to explore and challenge themselves in Denali National Park and Preserve. The program primarily serves diverse populations that have been historically disconnected from national parks.

During DFC, students engage in hands-on science activities, practice outdoor safety skills, and discuss land-management challenges with park educators. Each program is 3-4 days long and individualized to meet group goals and student needs. No prior hiking or camping experience is necessary. Students who are ready to learn, eager for an adventure, and have a positive attitude will find the program rewarding. 


DFC is a partnership program offered by Denali National Park, Alaska Geographic, and the DEC. Our three organizations work together on multiple levels to make DFC successful for organizations with varying needs. Qualifying groups that are able to provide their own adult chaperone, transportation, camping equipment, food, and liability coverage may be able to partner directly with Denali National Park and Preserve to offer this program. DEC is pleased to work with groups that need assistance providing these program elements.

General Information

DFC groups are comprised of 9-10 students plus one leader from the sponsoring organization, plus one instructor. Confirmed enrollment of at least 9 students a month before the program is set to begin is required for the program to proceed. DFC sessions include classroom-based and outdoor science activities. Flexibility is key to balance the needs of the group with weather and environmental conditions.

For detailed information and a sample schedule, please visit Denali National Parks DFC page, or reach out to our Youth Program Manager, Shannon Conway, at youth@denali.org